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We transform data into a nutrient

About us

“Empowering Farmers by helping them make informed decision” is our mission, and “TRANSFORMING DATA INTO NUTRIENT” is our motto to achieve this mission.

AgriEdge bridges between agriculture stakeholders (farmers, cooperatives, agribusiness companies, agro-suppliers, public decision makers, Agtech start-ups), applied-innovative R&D and latest technologies.

We offer an integrated digital platform to support agriculture-stakeholders in sustainably maximizing the profitability of every unit of resources employed, while gaining competitivity in the market.

We also lead and contribute to multiple initiatives and programs aiming to foster the ecosystem of African Agtech by supporting startups and promoting innovation.


With the ever-growing population, agriculture is expected to produce more to ensure food security.

With climate change and environmental issues, agriculture needs to be more sustainable.

With ever-increasing costs of energy, inputs and machinery, farmers have to find new ways to reduce costs and produce efficiently.

AgriEdge has a good understanding of all the above and strives to support farmers in overcoming these economic and environmental hard conditions.

Products and Solutions

Monitor your crops remotely, find problem spots in your fields, add notes, apply variable fertilizer rates, and monitor crop production. All using AgriEdge Services.

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Reasoned Fertilization to enhance your fertilizers usage

The reasoned fertilization for “the right dose of fertilizer in the right place at the right time“ allows the producer to make savings by controlling the heterogeneity of his plots. This implies a low impact of excess fertilizer on the soil and groundwater, but more importantly, it ensures maximum absorption and efficiency of use of nutrients by the plant, leading to increased yield.

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Your irrigation advisor at your fingertips! Irrigate when and where you need to.

AquaEdge is your ally for irrigation management of your plots, relying on the use of connected sensors or satellite imagery through AquaIndex, or both, depending on your crop, area and budget.

AquaEdge allows you to monitor soil moisture variations in your plots in real time over multiple depths, as well as spatial variations through moisture maps, and provides you with daily ET0 and rainfall data and more for optimal and complete irrigation management of your plot.

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A free irrigation management solution

ET0Edge allows you to receive daily evapotranspiration data on your different plots, related to the specificities of your crops, as well as the necessary irrigation doses by filling in the data of your plots, crops and irrigation system.

Moreover, thanks to ET0Edge, get NDVI maps of your plots and weather forecasts, all for free!

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Yield prediction to optimize your harvesting and sales operations

Our yield prediction service utilizes these data sources combined with the latest advancements in machine learning to predict yield values.

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The Carbon Accounting Solution for Agriculture and Agro-Industry

CarboEdge offers a digital solution for tracking and modeling the emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as capturing carbon in agricultural soils. Additionally, it acts as a virtual consultant, guiding users on strategies for carbon reduction.

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Receive infection alerts and treat preventively!

PhytoEdge is a mobile application that allows producers to receive alerts of phytosanitary problems on their crops based on a risk index model. Identifying an infection before it becomes visible allows him to anticipate treatments and take the appropriate measures at the right time to avoid irreparable damage to his yields.

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Your Solution for Precision Livestock Farming

The data collected in real time are transformed, thanks to our analytics model, into information with very high added value accessible via a digital platform.

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Buy natural and locally made products

Online Store. Your customers can now submit orders to you and share products on the site. The program allows you to manage orders, create invoices and receive payment online

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Agri-Analytics Days

Opportunity for agricultural stakeholders to discuss the market requirements and scientific research capabilities.

Agri Carbon Days

Encounters and conferences designed for agribusinesses Carbon Footprint reducing

Farming Innovation Program

Program to help young leaders to transform their project ideas into Startups.


Empowerment of youth in the creation of their AgriTech solutions distribution businesses.

Caravane AgriTech

A caravan that crisscross the country's regions to bring AgriTech closer to small, medium and large farmers.

Les Vendredis Carbon & Agro-Industrie

Welcome to « Les Vendredis Carbone & Agro-Industrie »! A podcast brought to you by the Agritech Center of Excellence of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and ProAgro of the International Labor Organization. During « Les Vendredis Carbone & Agro-Industrie » we discuss the decarbonization of agro-industry and carbon sequestration by agricultural soils. Each episode features a distinguished guest who works in the field or is interested in the podcast topic. With our special guests, we discuss the opportunities and challenges that decarbonization presents to the Moroccan agro-industry.

AgriCarbon Academy

An e-learning platform dedicated to the decarbonization of the agro-industry and carbon sequestration by agriculture rich in a variety of online course content, podcasts, webinars and articles to deepen your understanding of the concepts of decarbonization and carbon sequestration and promote the competitiveness and strategic positioning of Morocco's agricultural and agri-food sectors by sharing essential knowledge and encouraging the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.


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Front zipper pouch with included key ring.

OCP GROUP is a leading global fertilizer player, with almost a century ofhistory serving the phosphate industry and agriculture. Headquartedin Morocco, OCP serves more than 160customers across the 5 continentsand offers a wide range of fertilizers used to enrichthe soil and meet local crop needs.

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UM6P is a land grant, not for profit university which promotes academic excellence withspecial emphasis on addressing challenges facing the African continent.OCP has incubated this world-class university to foster a wide educational,research and innovation ecosystem...

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